gold Price in pakistan

Gold Rate In Pakistan Today 27 October 2022

pakistan latest gold price in various cities of Pakistan as Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi etc.

Gold Rate in pakistan

Today’s Gold rate in Pakistan is 24k Rs.150950 Per tola and Rs. 129420 per 10 grams. According to the Karachi sarafa market gold rate, and International Market gold rate. The 22 karat gold price is Rs. 118634 per 10 grams and Rs. 129420 Per tola.

Today Gold Rate in Pakistan – Live Pakistan Gold Rates, Pakistan Gold Price & Bullion Prices – 27 October 2022

Karachi is the central hub of the gold market in Pakistan Karachi is leading for the gold price, every city follows Karachi Sarafa Bazar Association for the gold price, today gold rates for different cities in Karachi, Islamabad,  LahoreQuetta, PeshawarRawalpindi Faisalabad,  Multan, Hyderabad, Sargodha  and Sialkot are the same. provides gold price today in pk. Gold rates per gram, oz, Kilo, tola  24,22,18,14,10,6 carat; gold price per ounce and gold price per tola.

GOLD RATE 24 Karat Gold Rate Today 22 Karat Gold Rate Today 21 Karat Gold Rate Today 18 Karat Gold Rate Today 12 Karat Gold Rate Today
Gold Per Tola Rs. 150950 Rs. 138370 Rs. 132081 Rs. 113213 Rs. 75475
Gold Per 10 Grams Rs. 129420 Rs. 118634 Rs. 113243 Rs. 97065 Rs. 64710
Gold Per Gram Rs. 12942 Rs. 11863 Rs. 11324 Rs. 9707 Rs. 6471
Gold Per Ounce Rs. 402550 Rs. 369001 Rs. 352231 Rs. 301913 Rs. 201275
Gold Price in pakistan

Latest Gold Rate on Thursday 27th of October 2022 in Pakistan

Gold price in Pakistan today on 27 October 2022 is being sold for Rs.150950 Per tola, and Rs. 129420 per 10 gram in Pakistan today.

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Pakistan Major Cities Gold Rates Today

24K Gold Per Tola 10 Grams Gold 24K
Gold Rate in Karachi Rs. 150950 Rs. 129420
Gold Rate in Lahore Rs. 150950 Rs. 129420
Gold Rate in Islamabad Rs. 150950 Rs. 129420
Gold Rate in Peshawar Rs. 150950 Rs. 129420
Gold Rate in Faisalabad Rs. 150950 Rs. 129420
Gold Rate in Hyderabad Rs. 150950 Rs. 129420
Gold Rate in Rawalpindi Rs. 150950 Rs. 129420
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Gold Rate in pakistan

Date Gold Rate
Thursday 27th, October 2022 Rs. 150950
Wednesday 26th, October 2022 Rs. 145200
Tuesday 25th, October 2022 Rs. 148800
Monday 24th, October 2022 Rs. 148200
Sunday 23th, October 2022 Rs. 146700
Saturday 22th, October 2022 Rs. 146700
Friday 21th, October 2022 Rs. 146700
Thursday 20th, October 2022 Rs. 147050
Wednesday 19th, October 2022 Rs. 148600
Tuesday 18th, October 2022 Rs. 149200
Monday 17th, October 2022 Rs. 148100
Sunday 16th, October 2022 Rs. 147600
Saturday 15th, October 2022 Rs. 147600
Friday 14th, October 2022 Rs. 146650
Thursday 13th, October 2022 Rs. 147850
Wednesday 12th, October 2022 Rs. 146100

Know About Gold Price

24 Carat Gold

Gold is deemed to be in its purest form at 24 carats. Pure gold or 24 carat gold signifies 99.9 percent purity and it doesn’t contain any other metals. The 24 carat gold is used to make gold coins, bars, etc. Various other purities for gold also exist and are measured in relativity to 24 carats.

22 Carat Gold

The 22 carat purity gold is ideal for jewellery making. It is 22 parts gold and two parts silver, nickel or any other metal. The mixing of other metals makes gold more stiff and appropriate for jewellery. The 22 carat gold often reflects 91.67 of gold purity.

24 Carat and 22 Carat Gold: Know the difference
24 Carat Gold22 Carat Gold
It is the purest form of gold and contains 99.5% of the precious yellow metal.It has 91.6% parts of pure gold. Rest of the parts are metals such as silver, copper, or some others.
It is quite soft, pliable, brittle, and bendable.It has a hard texture and thus cannot be easily moulded or bended.
It is mostly used in medical and electrical equipment including computers, phones, and more.It is relatively inexpensive due to lesser percentage of pure gold.
This is the most expensive form of goldIt is mostly used for making jewellery, bars, bullions, and coins.
It is bright yellow in colour.It is usually tainted due to the presence of other metals.

Gold Measurements and Weights

In dealing with the gold the basic weight to measure is the troy ounce. One troy ounce is equal to 20 troy pennyweights. The common method of measuring weight in the jewelry industry is pennyweight which is 1.555 grams.

  • 1 tola gold= 10 grams
  • 1 troy ounce = 31.1034 grams
  • 1 troy ounce = 1.0971 ounce avoirdupois (U.S.)
  • 1 kilogram = 32.15 troy ounces
  • 1 metric ton (1,000 kilos) = 32,151 troy ounces
  • 10 tolas (Indian Subcontinent) = 3.75 troy ounces
  • 5 taels (Chinese) = 6.02 troy ounces

Standard Bar sizes

  • 400 troy ounces (12.5 kilos)
  • 32.15 troy ounces (1 kilo)
  • 100 troy ounces (3.11 kilos)

How is the Gold Price calculated?

Gold is measured in multiples of grams and gold markets track the price of gold by 10 grams. Gold markets track the price of gold by 10 grams. The price of gold is displayed by 10 grams. According to international standards, the price of gold is determined in Karachi, Pakistan and the prices are followed by the gold vendors. The prices of gold keep changing every day. Karat is the unit for measuring gold purity. Gold karats in Pakistan are 24 karat, 22 karat, 18 karat, 14 karat, 10 karat. The price for gold karat is determined by grams and displayed in pkr.

What Are The Things To Check Before Buying Gold In Pakistan?

Buying Gold is an important aspect, no matter what quantity of gold you are buying for what occasion you are buying. Before buying gold you have to check certain aspects and take precautions so that you pay for quality and the price. 

  • Check for Hallmark, jewelers identification and purity of gold 
  • Calculate the right price of the gold by calculating the making charges, the weight of the gold, the value of the stones, and then make your purchasing. 
  • Check for today’s gold price in Karachi and make purchases. Do not allow the vendor to overcharge your invoice bill
  • Know the Karat of gold that you are purchasing. 
  • Check the weight of the gold that you are buying
  • Check the return, refund, buyback policy of the jewelers.
  • Check your bill with the right information and see that it is clearly mentioned. 

What Karat Gold is Pure.

  • 24 k gold is the purest gold. The letter ‘K’ indicates karat. The 24 Karat gold is 99.9% pure gold, this is the reason that it is called the 999.
  • 22 karat gold is 91.6% pure gold, this is the reason that 22k is called 916.
  • 21 karat gold is 87.5% pure gold and this is called 875.
  • 18 karat gold is 75% pure gold and it is called 750.

These are various other pure karats levels available but in pakistan, these are the most common gold purity levels. 


Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What is the gold rate today in Pakistan?

The gold rate today per 10gms in Pakistan is 1978 .

⭐ How to find which gold is pure in Pakistan?

Usually, pure gold has a hallmark marked by the Pakistan Government which describes its purity.

⭐ What is 916 gold?

916 Gold consists of 91.6% gold in the ornament which is also well known as 22k gold.

⭐ Which gold is the best 22K or 24K?

24K is the best gold as the amount of gold is higher in 24 Karat than 22 Karat.

⭐ How much gold can we carry from Pakistan?

There is no limit on the volume of gold you carry out of Pakistan. However, you have to show the authorities at the airport with the documents.

⭐ Can tourists purchase gold in Pakistan?

Yes. Tourists can purchase gold in Pakistan by not crossing the purchase limit.

⭐ What is the right time to buy gold in Pakistan?

Gold prices are not constant, they keep changing from time to time. Buyer has to see the price trend and make purchases.⭐

⭐ Can 18K gold be purchased for investment?

18K gold has only 75% of gold. For investment purposes you can invest in 24 karat gold.